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uuuh. UHHHHH! Kitten shopping!! or at the pet store~ :D

Asked by teddy-the-yeti


[24 ficlets in 24 hours, #23]

Derek only meant to go in and buy a new UV lightbulb for Laura’s pet lizard, Jackson. He’s standing in the aisle of the pet store, frowning at the different versions and trying to remember how many Watts when he hears someone say, “No, poor Cylops,” in a miserable voice.

Derek looks up and sees a guy wearing a nametag that reads “STILES”, holding the most desolate (and somehow still cute) looking kitten Derek’s seen. The poor thing only has one eye and the saddest looking expression, and for some reason (it’s probably the combination of attractive guy and cute fuzzy animal) Derek is kind of awestruck. He watches Stiles talk to a harsh looking woman, whose nametag simply says “MANAGER”, pleading about the cat. 

"You know the rules, Stiles," the manager says. "No adoptions within three weeks, animals go to the shelter. We get a new set of kittens and puppies tomorrow."

"But Cyclops won’t last a day in the shelter," Stiles says sadly. "You know they have a kill policy." 

"I’ll adopt the cat," Derek finds himself saying. 

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75 Signs You Are Gay | Sterek Edition

by xBrokenCrown

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Look who stopped by @MTV for @MazeRunnerMovie stuffs! (x)


Look who stopped by for stuffs! (x)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer – “The Mockingjay Lives”

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"Derek is enough."

"Am I dreaming?"

"Just drunk."

"Mh, nice drunk.”

Sterek AU: Stiles thinks he might have fallen asleep or had a bit too much to drink (it’s totally Scott’s fault because he didn’t come to watch over him) and now there is a naked Derek in front of him. But Derek was just on a run in his wolf form until the scent of StilesStilesStiles hit him.

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Derek Hale in Smoke and Mirrors

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Marvel Anti-Bullying variants for November

OMG that Hulk cover.

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